A website designed to deliver adverts to Mobile Devices through SMS messaging.  E-TAWASUL.COM (Private Business) founded on 2016 by Dr. M.M. who is experinced in delivering IT & Business Consultancy Services.

The operational concept of E-TAWASUL.COM is promote adverts to everyone as bulk messages over the internet, taking in consideration the SPAM rules and not to annoy the message receiver by giving the option to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

E-TAWASUL.COM is based in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, and operated by a team of professionals who are trusted in delivering the best offering and service to its customers.
  About Dr. M.M.

* Full Name: Dr. Mohammad alMalakh
* Founder of E-TAWASUL.COM
* PhD : Sales & Marketing (UK)
* Master Degree: Computer Science
* Experiences:
          - Business Dev. Consultant
          - Sales & Marketing Expert
          - IT infrastructure Consultant

Contact us
Email: info@e-tawasul.com
WhatsApp: +32 466 90 05 83