A website designed to deliver adverts to Mobile Devices through SMS, Twitter & WhatsApp messaging.  E-TAWASUL.COM (Private Business) founded on 2016 by Dr. M.M. who is experinced in delivering IT & Business Consultancy Services.

The operational concept of E-TAWASUL.COM is promote adverts to everyone as bulk messages over the internet, taking in consideration the SPAM rules and not to annoy the receiver.

E-TAWASUL.COM is based in Amman - Jordan, and operated by a team of professionals who are trusted in delivering the best offering and service to its customers.
  About Dr. M.M.

* Full Name: Dr. Mohammad alMalakh
* Founder of E-TAWASUL.COM
* PhD : Sales & Marketing (UK)
* Master Degree: Computer Science
* Experiences:
          - Business Dev. Consultant
          - Sales & Marketing Expert
          - IT infrastructure Consultant

Contact us
Email: info@e-tawasul.com
WhatsApp: +962 79 677 8871